Trinity Test Anniversary

July 16th 2019 is the 74th anniversary of the first above ground nuclear bomb test on a U S civilian population. It was done near Tularosa New Mexico. The people  were  given no warning and have been subjected to 74 yrs of US government coverup and misinformation about the impact on them.

The Tularosa Basin Downwinders will be having their 9th anniversary commemoration of the occasion on Saturday evening July 20th at the local baseball field. Saturday afternoon at 2 pm there will be a very important town hall meeting at the community center to provide updates on the struggle to bring justice to the families and communities that have been harmed by the test.

A volunteer , Lon Burnam Steering Committee Member, with Nuke Watch New Mexico is providing free roundtrip transportation from Santa Fe to Tularosa and back to the first 3 applicants for this day trip for the two events. Please contact the office at 505-989-7342 if you are interested in participating.

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