Active Map: Nuclear Weapons Complex

NNSA's Nuclear Security Enterprise: The Current Nuclear Weapons Complex

The current nuclear weapons complex, which NNSA refers to as the Nuclear Security Enterprise, includes NNSA Headquarters (located in Washington, DC; Germantown, MD; and Albuquerque, NM), the NNSA field offices, the three national security laboratories (two of which also have production missions), the four nuclear weapons production facilities, and the Nevada National Security Site. Two other facilities are essential for maintaining the stockpile: (1) the TVA's Watts Barr nuclear power reactor in Tennessee, which produces tritium, a relatively short-lived nuclear material vital to modern nuclear warheads, and (2) the WIPP site in New Mexico, which is used to manage, isolate, and store plutonium-bearing wastes from the warhead operations at other sites.

The map below does not show the headquarters or field offices, but focus instead on the laboratories, testing, production, and support facilities more commonly known as the nuclear weapons complex. These sites are largely government-owned, contractor-operated facilities.