Tell Your US Rep to Call for a House VOTE + VOTE FOR: Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) S 3853 Now!


The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act must be extended and expanded before it expires June 7, 2024 – ACTION NEEDED NOW!

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  • TELL your US REP to watch it!!
  • TELL your REP to call on House Speaker Mike Johnson to bring S 3853 RECA Radiation Exposure Compensation Act TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE NOW!!! (It EXPIRES JUNE 7!)
  • ASK your REP TO VOTE FOR RECA S 3853

(yes this is Senate-passed bill with the S-Senate number that would go to the House as S 3853)

***Ctrl+Click here: ***Contact your Representative and tell them to support RECA and ask Speaker Johnson to bring RECA S. 3853 to the floor for a vote NOW!***

Plus, FREE screening: “First We Bombed New Mexico”

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

We are asking you to contact your Representative and urge them to encourage House Speaker Mike Johnson to bring the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA S.3853) to the House floor for a vote immediately. Ask your Representative to ask Speaker Johnson to schedule a vote on the RECA Amendments well before the program sunsets in June 2024.

We need your help to ensure justice for those affected by the devastating impacts of US nuclear bomb testing and production. The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) is set to expire on June 7th, and it is crucial that we take action to renew and expand this critical legislation.

RECA provides essential compensation to individuals and communities who have suffered from the health effects of radiation exposure, including cancer, respiratory illnesses, and other serious conditions. However, without immediate action, this vital program will come to an end, leaving many without the support they need.

It is crucial that we act now to ensure that RECA is renewed AND expanded to provide assistance to those affected by US government-caused radiation exposure. Your voice can make a difference in ensuring that justice is served for those who have suffered the consequences of nuclear weapons production and detonation.

Additionally, we invite you, your friends, family, and colleagues to watch the powerful documentary First We Bombed New Mexico online for free between May 17th (8AM Eastern) and May 19th (11PM Eastern). This nuanced film highlights why RECA is urgently needed and why it must be approved before it expires on June 7th, 2024.

Register for the screening at this link!

Thank you for your support and advocacy on this critical issue. Together, we can ensure that RECA is renewed AND expanded to provide justice for those impacted by US nuclear activity.

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