National Nuclear Security Administration/Environmental Management Santa Fe Town Hall

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
6:30-8:30 PM
Santa Fe Convention Center
In Person and Virtual

NNSA Under Secretary, Jill Hruby and DOE’s Environmental Management Senior Leader, Ike White will be in attendance in person.

The Town Hall will be moderated by Santa Fe County Commissioner Chair Anna C. Hansen, who invited them to be here.

NNSA, the National Nuclear Security Administration, will finally meet with us, the public, so we can tell them we don’t want more radioactive traffic going past neighborhoods as planned. NNSA is the federal agency that is asking the state of NM to expand WIPP, resulting in more traffic that is more dangerous.  When you send your comments to the NM Environment Dept., you are asking them to deny this federal overreach by NNSA.
As you can imagine, getting people to come out is of the most importance so NNSA knows that the public is a force and they will have to deal with us.
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