Support Santa Fe County Commissioner Anna Hansen’s efforts to protect NM from radioactive risks

Action Alert
Join us at the Board of County Commissioners of Santa Fe County
102 Grant Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501
September 25, 2018 starting at 2pm

Support Santa Fe County Commissioner Anna Hansen’s efforts to protect NM from radioactive risks. She has two items in front of the Commission this Tuesday, September 25th.
We need your help!

First, Commissioner Hansen is looking to get approval on a letter to support the suspension of a new Department of Energy plan (DOE Order 140.1) that would limit independent Safety Board access to information about Los Alamos National Laboratory. She is requesting that lawmakers and the public have time to review and offer constructive feedback.”

The Defense Facilities Nuclear Safety Board was established in 1988 to provide additional oversight and transparency to the Department of Energy’s largely self-regulating nuclear complexes, which were plagued by contamination and negligent safety practices. The Board reviews incidents and near-misses, and it provides safety recommendations and advice to the energy secretary. But there have been efforts to hamper the board, and DOE Order 140.1 will restrict Safety Board access to over 300 nuclear weapons complex facilities across the nation.

Second, Commissioner Hansen is introducing a resolution to not allow transportation of high-level radioactive waste through Santa Fe County to any “interim” storage sites. There are plans the bring all the nation’s commercial reactor spent fuel rods to New Mexico for storage until a permanent geologic repository is built, which may be never. Until a permanent site is built and operating, which will be at least 40 years if ever, this lethal waste will be stranded in New Mexico.

Here’s the agenda

Our concerns are agenda items VI.B.1 and VI.C.2, which should come up around 3pm.

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