The World Nuclear Industry Status Report, 2020

The WNISR2020 assesses on 361 pages the status and trends of the international nuclear industry and analyzes the additional challenges nuclear power is facing in the age of COVID-19. A focus chapter analyzes nuclear programs in the Middle East as the first reactor started up in the Arab world.

Seven interdisciplinary experts from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Lebanon/U.S. and the U.K., from top think tanks like Chatham House in London and prestigious universities like Harvard in Cambridge, Meiji in Tokyo and Technical University in Berlin, have contributed to the report, along with a data engineer, numerous proofreaders and two artistic designers. The foreword was provided by Frank von Hippel, Professor Emeritus of Princeton University, and Jungmin Kang, former head of the safety authority in South Korea.

In 2019, for the first time in history, non-hydro renewables like solar, wind and biomass generated more electricity than nuclear power plants.

The number of operating reactors in the world has dropped by nine over the past year to 408 as of mid-2020, that is below the level already reached in 1988, and 30 units away from the historic peak 438 in 2002.

You can download the PDF version of the 2020 Report:

World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2020
Low definition PDF
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World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2020
High definition PDF
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For your convenience, all the tables and graphs from this report are also downloadable in PDF format. The individual files are listed in the following pages:

All the graphs from the 2020 report
HTML – 224.4 kb


All the tables from the 2020 report
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