“In Our Hands” – The academy award nominated film documenting the largest protest in US history, calling on the government to end the nuclear arms race.

Robert Richter’s IN OUR HANDS is about a magical day, June 12, 1982, when one million people took to the streets of New York to peacefully protest for an end to the nuclear arms race. It remains the largest single peace demonstration in US history.

Richter’s beautiful film has been described as “An outright joy to behold…encompasses the excitement of the event, its intense sense of human fellowship…the passions and humor of the anonymous as well as the celebrated…ebullient…entertaining, poignant and joyfully provocative.” —The San Francisco Chronicle

Nearly 40 years later, under the Trump Administration, nuclear weapons are being modernized and funded by the public purse during a global pandemic and a national reckoning on racism and police brutality across America. IN OUR HANDS reminds us of how people responded then, and can offer an example for those of us today who take a stand and work for peace and social justice. Interweaving performers, individual marchers and down-to-earth scenes of the massive gathering when one million people with one voice called for an end to the nuclear arms race.

The film features well-known performers and activists including: Rita Marley, Meryl Streep, Orson Welles, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Holly Near, Pete Seeger, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Peter, Paul and Mary, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. We hear from Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors who share their memories of living through the atom bombings that pulverized their cities 75 years ago. We see ordinary/extraordinary people from all over the US and from around the world who marched and spoke out, demanding action for nuclear disarmament.

“Will raise your spirits, if not renew your faith and optimism.” —Pacific Sun

Here’s the link to tune in at 7PM EST on June 11th for a special screening of IN OUR HANDS 

Here’s a joyful 3 minute trailer.
And a 1 minute PSA from that time.
IN OUR HANDS was produced by Robert Richter and Stan Warnow, filmed by 43 volunteer camera teams and edited by 6 volunteer editors.
“One of the important films of our time.” —The Hollywood Reporter 
On June 11 2020 at 7PM/Eastern please join us for a screening of IN OUR HANDS — part of the ROBERT RICHTER FREE FILM FESTIVAL

If you can’t see it then, click on this link any time, day or night, through June 24, 2020. 

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