MORE LAB EXPANSION: MAKING WAY FOR NEW PLUTONIUM PIT PRODUCTION ACTIVITY? NNSA/DOE Update: “Los Alamos Field Office Clears Way to Lease Warehouse, Storage Space within 150 miles of Laboratory”

“Multiple properties could be needed to meet LANL needs…Items that would be warehoused or stored include items that are needed for LANL operations,”

BY  Los Alamos Daily Post | July 22, 2022

LANL Molten Plutonium for Pit
Molten plutonium in a crucible. Before LANL’s cast pits could enter the stockpile, the Laboratory needed to verify that their quality and performance equaled or exceeded the quality and performance of the wrought pits produced at Rocky Flats.

The Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration’s Los Alamos Field Office (DOE/NNSA) has issued a Categorical Exclusion to lease properties to provide warehouse and storage space for Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) equipment within a 150-mile radius of LANL, which could include properties in several locations of northern New Mexico and southern portions of Colorado.

Multiple properties could be needed to meet LANL needs. Selected properties will be previously developed, with facilities designed for warehouse or storage use. The proposed action does not include construction of new facilities or other structures. Changes in local land use and zoning will not be required. Pre-existing structures and infrastructure will be consistent with local land use requirements. Warehousing activities for managing stored items include unloading, loading, assembling, and inventorying items.

No hazardous chemicals, radiological materials, or other substances that would be considered potentially harmful to public health or the environment (excluding normal cleaning supplies and other common-use chemicals) will be stored at these warehouse or storage facilities. No potential would exist for release of substances at a level or in a form that could pose a threat to public health or the environment.

Items that would be warehoused or stored include items that are needed for LANL operations, such as material used to support LANL infrastructure (e.g., plumbing supplies; fencing; structural steel; glass; and heating, ventilation, and cooling units), research and operational equipment, and office materials. The Categorical Exclusion NEPA determination can be accessed online at

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