DOE/NNSA budget numbers from FY 2024 Energy and Water Agreement

Some DOE/NNSA budget numbers from FY 2024 Energy and Water Agreement

President must sign by Friday March 8 to avoid a partial government shutdown, including DOE and NNSA.


•     Total funding for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) $24.135B (+8.9%)
•     $19.1 billion for NNSA’s Total Weapons Activities (+11.6% over FY 23)
•     $35M for the Sea-Launched Cruise Missile warhead (which Biden did not ask for).
•     $52M for B61-13 as a new program. Estimated ~340kt; limited earth-penetrating capability.
•     $389.6M for LANL-designed W93 sub-launched warhead (+62%)
•     $56M for dismantlements (a paltry 0.29% of Total Weapons Activities)
•     Los Alamos Plutonium Modernization $1.76B (+13.5%)
•     Savannah River Plutonium Modernization $1.06B (-15.8% because Congress added $500M in FY23 at NNSA’s request)
•     Total Plutonium Modernization $2.91B (+5.1%)
•     Uranium Processing Facility at the Y-12 Plant $810M (+124%; now way over budget despite NNSA promises)
•     Tritium Sustainment and Modernization $593M as a new program
•     Defense Nonproliferation near flat at $2.58B (+3.6%)
•     Defense Environmental Cleanup near flat at $7.29B (+3.7%)
•     LANL cleanup cut to $273.8M (-4.3%)

Of note: “The agreement directs NNSA to seek to enter into an agreement with the scientific advisory group known as JASON to conduct an assessment of the report entitled, “Research Program Plan for Plutonium and Pit Aging”.”

Rumor has it that NNSA’s nuclear weapons budget will be substantially increased in FY 2025, starting with the release of topline numbers on Monday March 11. In part those increases will implement recommendations made in the Strategic Posture Commission’s October 2023 report. See:

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