The following Directive has been added to the DOE Directives Portal:

 The Directives Review Board (DRB) has conducted a review of DOE Orders that invoke Technical Standards. The DRB determined which Technical Standards should be invoked; developed boilerplate language for the invoking of Technical Standards; and updated affected Orders for clarity and consistency.

The following Orders were updated to clarify which Technical Standards are invoked:

  1. DOE O 458.1 Chg 4 (LtdChg), Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment
      1. To establish requirements to protect the public and the environment against undue risk from radiation associated with radiological activities conducted under the control of the Department of Energy (DOE) pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (AEA). Supersedes DOE O 458.1 Chg 3 (AdminChg), dated 1-15-2013.

  2. DOE O 414.1D Chg 2 (LtdChg), Quality Assurance
    1. To ensure that Department of Energy (DOE), including National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), products and services meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations. To achieve quality for all work based upon the following principles: (1) All work, as defined in this Order, is conducted through an integrated and effective management system; (2) Management support for planning, organization, resources, direction, and control is essential to quality assurance (QA); (3) Performance and quality improvement require thorough, rigorous assessments and effective corrective actions; (4) All personnel are responsible for achieving and maintaining quality; and (5) Risks and adverse mission impacts associated with work processes are minimized while maximizing reliability and performance of work products. To establish additional process-specific quality requirements to be implemented under a Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for the control of suspect/counterfeit items (S/CIs), and nuclear safety software as defined in this Order. Supersedes DOE O 414.1D Chg 1 (AdminChg), dated 5-8-2013.
  3. DOE O 440.1B Chg 3 (LtdChg), Worker Protection Program for DOE (Including the National Nuclear Security Administration) Federal Employees
    1. To establish the framework for an effective worker protection program that will reduce or prevent injuries, illnesses, and accidental losses by providing Department of Energy (DOE), including National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Federal workers with a safe and healthful workplace. Supersedes DOE O 440.1B Chg 2 (AdminChg).

The following New Final Directive does not invoke a Technical Standard.

DOE O 440.2C Chg 2(LtdChg), Aviation Management Safety

To establish a policy framework that will ensure safety, efficiency and effectiveness of government or contractor aviation operations. Supersedes DOE O 440.2C Chg 1 (AdminChg), dated 6-22-2011.

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